As your projects evolve you might need to add a custom item or one-time charge to your invoice for a specific project.

Adding a One Time Charge, Tax or other Local Fee

  1. Create a new invoice by going to INVOICES > New or open your existing invoice by clicking on the number.

Monograph - Create or Open Invoices

2. On existing invoices click "Edit" and on a new invoice add the click on "Invoice By" on top left corner to build out your invoice by Activity, Role or Phase.

3. You can then click on "+ Line Item" and an empty row for you to complete will appear - we call this adding a single line item.

Monograoh - Adding a single line item to invoice

4. Customize the single line item to match your specific need. Below are two examples where Tax and a one-time charge where added to the invoice.

Monograph - adding a one time charge to invoice

Need to add something more to your invoice? Let us know by sending a message!

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