Tracking and entering time is the foundation of successful project management, as you'll be able to improve project profitability and forecast time allocations.

We've created a timer to make it easier to track and directly enter time into your timesheet.


First things first, you'll need to make sure that the timer is available to you and to your team. If you are an admin see below for enabling the timer. If you are not seeing the timer, please ask your admin to enable it for your team. Most recent Monograph accounts have the timer enabled by default.

  1. Go to SETTINGS on the top navigation bar
  2. Then go to the "Organization" tab and lastly "Organizational Features"
  3. If the timer is on for your team it will say "Timer Enabled". If it says "Timer Disabled", click on edit to turn it on and click save. (see image below)

When the timer is enabled, all users within your team will have the option to be able to use the timer, but it's not required to use it for entering time.

How to enable the timer feature within


The timer will appear for all users (who have the feature enabled) at the very top right-hand corner, next to your name.

To start tracking time:

  1. Click on the timer icon first to activate it
  2. After it's been activated you'll want to select the specific project, phase, and activity you are working on and click "Create Entry".
  3. Next, click on the button to start the timer or pause
How to start the timer on for tracking time

Important: Make sure to keep your browser tab with the timer open as you work to not lose the timer.


The timer has been designed to be flexible! Simply click on the icon to pause or stop the timer altogether and record the time.

You can also start the timer without adding the project information and add those details later.


As you switch from project to project throughout the day you can just click on it from the drop-down list to continue adding time to it.

🎉 You are done!

Any time tracked with the timer will automatically appear within your timesheet for the week where you can also make further adjustments. Simply go to "TIMESHEETS" to review further.

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