We've made our timer very simple to use. This walkthrough will show you how to use the timer to track time across numerous projects.

  1. Turn the timer on for your organization 

In order to turn the timer on go to Settings -> the section on Organization Features -> Press Edit -> Turn On and Press Save.

At this point, the Timer should appear at the top navigation bar by all users' name.

2. Press Play to turn the timer on and add information

Once activated, your team will be able to press the timer and add time and notes to a specific project, phase, and activity. 

3. Press Stop to pause / stop the timer

Our timer is very flexible! You can add time on the fly and update project information later and our stop / play (record) functionality is very easy to use.

4.  Continue adding time to previous entry

You can go back to a previous entry and continue to add time to it.

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