Tasks are the smallest units of a project in Monograph. Think of it as a cell in a living organism. Ideally, each task indicates an activity that must be done. For a project to be considered completed, each of the tasks within the project must be complete.

Monograph allows you to add as many tasks as you want to a project. These tasks can then be assigned to a phase and tagged to a milestone. To add a task to a project, you may follow these easy steps.

1. Click on the project that you want to add task to from the list of projects in Project dashboard. See Understanding You Project Dashboard for more information on Projects.

2. Click on Tasks from the menu available in Phases dashboard. See How to link Project Phases for more information on Phases.

3. Select a phase from the list of phases on your left sidebar then click New Task.

4. In the Create Task box that will appear in the center of your screen, fill the available fields with required details as described below.

  • Title: Name of the Task

  • Task Description: A brief overview of the task, this is an optional field

  • Phase: The phase to which the task will be assigned to

  • Milestone: The milestone to which the task is tagged to

  • Date Due: The date by which the task must be completed

  • Assignees: Team members who should be executing the task, this is an optional field

5. Click on the Create Task button to finalize creating a task or press Cancel to cancel adding a new task.

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