We often get asked how to add billing items that are not phases, activities, or roles into invoices.

As an example, say your client is looking for fixed fee line items on specific deliverables one of which could include a base fee based on overall square footage of a project or specific operations like beam calculations -- how would you go about setting that up in your invoices?

We currently have two approaches. The first is a bit more manual while the other option makes use of our Phases as a way to pre-define these items and make them work for your needs.

Individual Line Items per Invoice

This scenario offers you flexibility in exchange for more repetitive input. Our invoices allow you to add individual custom line items.

Line Items as Phases

Currently some firms are using the concept of phases as a way to pre-define billing items.

See our step by step example below.

  • Create Billing Items as PhasesIf you go to Settings->Projects, you'll be able to set up your Phases to include these billing items.
  • Add these new Phases to your ProjectGo to the project you've created, select Edit, and go to the Phases section. Add the Billing Items you created as Phases. In order to capture their Flat Fees, you'll need to adjust the Project Budget under Billing to capture the amount you'll be adding to the Billing Items. Once that is set, you can add a Phase, update its budget, give it a Start and End Date. You'll be set to use this in your invoicing.
  • When creating an Invoice, add these "Phases" to your Invoice (Be sure to adjust quantity to 100% for flat fees). This should allow you to reuse those items in every subsequent invoice for this project.
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